Regimen Creation 101:

At Replenish Salon, we have the pleasure and opportunity to work with EVERY texture imaginable and are specifically known for creating healthy regimens and growing hair!  We have poured all of this knowledge into each product in the Naturally Replenish line, but understand that the key to success with any haircare line is having a healthy regimen as a part of your hair's healing journey. A healthy hair regimen is about your hair having products that provide the right balance between hydration, moisture, and strength, BUT it is also about having the right trim regimen, style choices, and manageability for your hair type. The following are recommendations to get the best results out of using our products and having a good overall healthy hair regimen. Stay tuned to our website and social media for continual tips & education to help you on your healthy hair healing journey!


General Tips:

We genuinely care about the health of your hair! For best results with our products, make sure you are receiving a precise trim at least quarterly (sooner for weaker/finer hair) and choosing styles that don't create breakage due to excessive hair loss during the detangle. There are quick tips for these two elements below.  If you haven't had a trim in 4+ months, we would recommend having a little trimmed every 2 months until all split/damaged ends are removed.

How to use the Foundation Kit:  


Healthy hair requires the hair to have proper hydration, moisture, and strength, but hair that is clogged CANNOT properly absorb these elements. Deep cleansing your hair approximately monthly is key to the absorption of the plant based elements in our products. When the hair is cleansed properly, it should feel "squeaky clean," but not overly stripped and dry. 

Massage FRESH START into wet hair and add water, if needed, to increase lather. Use 2X then follow up with AWAKEN Hydrating Shampoo. Use approximately once a month, but it can be used sooner if additional build up removal is needed. 


This is your go to weekly/biweekly shampoo that gently, and effectively, cleanses the strands and scalp of buildup and starts the process of building hydration and moisture in the strands.   

Massage AWAKEN into wet hair. Avoid shampooing the hair in twirling motions that increase tangle. Instead, insert your fingers in one place, applying pressure back and forth to cleanse the scalp, then allow the slip of the shampoo to help you glide your hair down the strands, gently releasing tangles in the hair. Repeat this motion to cleanse all over. For those with denser or tighter textures, it can be helpful to split the hair down the middle and do one section at a time. 


Hydration and moisture are key to the hair being soft and manageable. Weekly/biweekly usage with a heat or steam source is best. 

After shampooing, apply to clean damp hair and working in sections, comb through with a wide tooth comb to ensure distribution from roots to ends. Make sure to pause and use your fingers to first remove any hard to remove tangles and use the wide tooth comb starting from the ends and gradually working your way up the strand. Place a plastic cap over your hair and sit under a dryer or thorough heat source for at least 15 minutes or leave in for up to an hour without heat. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with our Refresh Hydrating Treatment Spray. Incorporate into your healthy hair regimen a rotation of CALM and RESTORATION. 


Plant based strength involves balancing the porosity (holes and cracks) in the strands to repair and mend on a deeper level. Hair that has a balance of strength and trimming is less likely to break, which makes it most likely to retain length. This treatment is less likely to make the hair brittle due to it having plant based strength elements vs synthetic strength elements that simply sit on top of the strand. For those that may be protein sensitive, porous, or need additional softness, apply a small amount RESTORATION first and layer CALM on top to balance even more. 

After shampooing, apply to clean damp hair and working in sections, comb through with a wide tooth comb to ensure distribution from roots to ends. Make sure to pause and use your fingers to first remove any hard to remove tangles and use the wide tooth comb starting from the ends and gradually working your way up the strand.  Place a plastic cap over hair and sit under dryer for 15 minutes or leave for up to an hour without heat. 

Rinse thoroughly and follow up with our REFRESH Hydrating Treatment Spray. Incorporate into your healthy hair regimen a rotation of CALM and RESTORATION. 


This leave in will allow the hair to have a balance of hydration, moisture, and strength left in topically and throughout the week. Leave in cremes also provide an excellent barrier of moisture to any gel/holding products and increase the ease of manageability/detangle of the strands when styling.

Apply a generous amount to clean, damp, and detangled hair and massage into the cuticle to ensure even distribution from roots to ends. Add additional seal with our GLOW sealing oil and proceed to styling product. May also be used to add moisture, as needed, for dry strands. 


Apply a small amount to damp hair by massaging into the scalp and smoothing into the ends of the hair. Best to use after treatments or leave in conditioners to seal the cuticle, lock in moisture, and repair strands. Can also be used lightly to defrizz when styling or throughout the week to keep the ends of the hair sealed for health and length retention.


Styling Add Ons: 


A softening butter styler that moisturizes, strengthens, seals, and provides lightweight hold. The perfect balance between moisture, strength, and definition. 

After using RENEW Leave in Cream, use this styler to smooth and define twist outs, braid outs, and wash and go styles, etc. to achieve maximum definition and lightweight hold. Apply a small amount to each section, starting at the ends and gradually working your way up the strand. Follow with GLOW sealing oil for additional seal and shine. Can also be layered after REFRESH spray in 4-7 days to defrizz, moisturize and redefine style to stretch styles for 2 weeks before wash day. 


A slippery gel styler that activates your curl pattern and strengthens the hair with medium hold. Perfect for those who value their curls maintaining softness, moisture, and health and don’t mind a gentle fluff each day. 

How to use: After applying RENEW leave in, use this natural gel styler to define your natural curl pattern. Apply to fully detangled and wet hair, section by section, using either a shingling/coiling method or after using a detangling brush.  A small amount can be added after the REFRESH spray throughout the week to reactivate “sleepy curls." Follow with GLOW sealing oil for additional seal and shine.  


Lightweight leave-in spray to hydrate, repair, and continually protect strands for length retention. Perfect for those looking to add strengthening to their regimen without creating brittle hair or to use in between strengthening treatments as it fills in holes and cracks in the strand with natural plant extracts and balances hydration and strength. Also a healthy and gentle way to repair damaged hair and protect color-treated hair. 

How to use: Upon rinsing conditioner from the hair, spray evenly to damp hair from root to tip to aid in hydration, reducing frizz, and to repair dry, damaged, or color-treated hair. Can be used as a refreshing hydration treatment up to 3x weekly to continually repair the strands or as a heat protectant before blow-drying. Stronger strands lead to length. 

Trimming and Styling Recommendations:

Trimming Recommendations:

Those with finer (thinner) strands are more likely to need trimming sooner than those with coarser (thicker) hair, which is why everyone's trim routine isn't always the same. Some can boast that they trim yearly and still maintain length easily, and it it is typically because they have a coarser, looser, and/or a naturally silkier strand. Those who have either a finer strand, naturally drier strand, or a tighter curl pattern tend to need trims more often. When you trim more frequently, less needs to be taken off, so don't feel you have to trim an inch or 2 every 2-3 months (If that is the case, your regimen is not helping your hair AVOID split ends and needs adjusting). Regimens with less manipulation and/or those that have styles that stretch the cuticle will typically require less trimming, so a balance of stretched styling, healthy protective styling, and/or low manipulation styles (that don't result in severe tangles) are always recommended for maximum length retention. 

A general rule of thumb is to start with trimming quarterly and on stretched hair. This doesn't have to be flat ironed, but those with tight textures that shrink 50% or more have more length retention when you can have a precise, visual trim which often happens best on stretched hair because tight/wet hair tends to be deceiving and always look healthy. Tighter/dry strands should opt for trims on blow dried hair more often than wet trims. If zero heat is preferred and trimming will be on wet hair only, smooth/stretch the curl out FULLY to see the ends and visually pay attention to what is blunt and what gets thinner or frizzier to determine what is split. Take off anything that is frizzy, thin, and or uneven. Despite youtube university, blunt hair retains length BEST! If there is too much that needs to be trimmed at one time for your comfort zone, trim a little every month until it's gone and decrease styles that require daily manipulation while doing so. People are typically afraid of trims because they are afraid their hair won't come back. We promise you, a good regimen will ALWAYS make sure it comes back!

This is our method at Replenish Salon in Atlanta, GA and we hope to have a collection of professional and reliable stylists for you to choose from in other areas as well! 

Styling Recommendations:

While there is no general rule of thumb for best styles and styling practices, there are 2 major paths that always provide the most impact for health and length retention: Stretched is best and leave the hair ALONE! 

Stretched: Stretched styles are any styles that elongate the texture from how it naturally shrinks to the head. Tighter textures tend to have more cracks/holes due to the curvature of the strand, which can result in dryness, breakage, and a harder to manage/detangle texture. Stretched styles allow the hair to maintain more moisture and ease of manageability. When you have a texture that shrinks 50% or more when wet, it is best to make your go to style a stretched style such as twist outs, braid outs, and tension blow outs. Frequent rods, bantu knots, and wash and go styles on tighter textures can increase dryness and/or tangles which increases split ends and breakage. 

Leave the hair alone: Protective styling is any style that you can enter and exit for at least a week or two at a time without breaking and popping the hair when you exit the style. Styles with added hair such as braids, wigs, etc. can typically be kept in longer, but try not to go beyond 4 weeks if you aren't familiar with how your hair responds.

Simply put, each individual strand is FRAGILE, so giving it a break is always needed for optimal length retention. Now we are NOT vouching for the habitual protective style wearer... you know, the one that wears protective styles such as weaves and braids year round and neglects their hair, but a break is always needed with a good regimen and trimming in between. Make sure to enter the protective style with hair that is stretched enough so can run your fingers through (unless it's a natural updo), enter with fully deep conditioned hair, and upon taking down the style finger detangle each section and then make sure to remove all shed hairs with a wide tooth comb and then detangling brush on wet, slippery hair before shampooing. The hair sheds daily, and these shed hairs can't fall out when in a protective style, so SOME hair loss is normal when exiting a style. Never comb the hair DRY and always start from the ends. A combo between our RENEW and GLOW are great for helping you exit a protective style, but do so before shampooing.

For beginner protective style wearers, opt for updos, etc on your own hair or only go for larger braid styles such as braids under a wig, cornrows, or larger individual braids/twists.