What is our story?

Over the past 9 years, The Replenish Brand has evolved from Replenish Salonwhich started as a two woman salon in a small studio, expanding a year later, being continually rated Atlanta's Top Natural Hair Salon each year by multiple sites, launching an apparel line, and then launching the highly anticipated Naturally Replenish Haircare line.




Meet Our Founders:


   With over 30 years of combined professional salon experience and being deemed by their clients as “true healthy hair experts,” Brandy Sims and Stephanie Lipsey have devoted their careers to healthy hair practices for textured hair and quality customer service above all else. Working side by side at a previous salon location in 2013, they both connected because they shared the same passion to provide a unique experience to clients and realized they would make the perfect business partners. 

   Their initial vision was to provide a unique, caring, and educational experience to clients who desired one on one, quality salon services and wanted to truly make healthy hair a priority, but their vision has evolved to include that and so much more. The vision of Naturally Replenish Haircare line started with them noticing that so many of their clients still struggled with understanding how to truly understand their hair, how to manage their texture, and lacked knowledge on how to create a regimen for their hair despite following all of the "natural hair rules" and receiving conflicting advice on Youtube and social media outlets.

   In February of 2018, they set out to start formulation for a few products with a lab, and the detail in which they provide for the regimen aspect with clients in salon and their understanding of healthy hair led them to create a full collection over the course of almost 3 years in the midst of many hurdles, lessons, and setbacks. They refused to compromise on the performance and quality of their products and simply releasing products just for the sake of being "done," so they restarted their process, switched labs, continued to have patience, and worked hard to achieve their goal, including studying chemistry and working in the kitchen to formulate some of the products on their own! 

   Healthy hair is a beautiful journey in need of a botanical regimen with a balance of moisture, strength, and manageability from start to finish, and our line does JUST that. There is a need for a balance between science and plant elements in products to help clients truly manage textured hair efficiently along with proper education on the differences in hair types and how that attributes to what the hair needs. Wash day and healthy hair shouldn't be a complex chore! With our line you can simply relax and replenish. 

   Brandy and Stephanie's true passion is helping and inspiring others through their personal journeys with hair, entrepreneurship, family, and personal growth. Ultimately, their faith in God has been vital to their growth and success and continues to be the foundation to their brand.